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Mindful Mental Health Services offers many benefits to regional entrepreneurs, through its partnership opportunities.
Mindful Mental Health Services offers many benefits to regional entrepreneurs, through its partnership opportunities. Mindful Mental Health Services, LLC., and offers business licenses to individuals that are interested in obtaining a “ready-made” business, in specific and exclusive geographies.

Network Partners (NP) Competitive Advantages

MMHS offers this business opportunity to individuals (Network Partners) that are interested in developing their own highly profitable healthcare business, that has a reasonable fee for entry and a manageable “learning curve”. 


  • NPs do not need experience in healthcare as MMHS provides all necessary training and provides ongoing support services
  • NPs do not have to re-create what already has been created for business and sales operations
  • NPs will have a State of Florida Healthcare Clinic designation through AHCA
  • No inventory required; only “sweat equity”
  • Minimal barriers to market entry – limited competition
  • Core business growth concurrent with aging population and their emotional needs – no cost to the patient
  • Core business growth concurrent with significant increases with assisted living, nursing home, CCRC and Rehabilitation/Long-term care business growth – no cost to the communities/facilities
Mindful Mental Health Services, LLC., provides a full range of mental health Psychotherapeutic services for patients in a variety of settings, including, but not limited to, assisted living facilities, independent residences, residential communities and rehabilitation and long-term care facilities.
Psychotherapeutic services are delivered by our experienced and qualified “Providers” (e.g., therapists; Masters level Licensed Clinical Social Workers [LCSWs] and Clinical Psychologists), that are fully licensed and practice in-step with accepted evidenced-based clinical therapy. As we directly bill Medicare and/or the patients’ private insurance, our therapy and programs are delivered at no additional cost to a residential community, facilities or for the patient. Beginning in the State of Florida, MMHS has the goal to create exclusive territories that include an adequate number of patients for successful financial outcomes. The territories that are offered have been decided after researching various regional geographies and applying a critical criterion for selection (described herein). In each territory, extensive research has been conducted identifying most of the target market communities and facilities (referral sources). MMHS provides the Licensee with territory specific contact information for its targets and quantifies the number of potential patient referrals in each territory.
MMHS includes with their Network Partner agreements, sales training and support necessary to accomplish Network Partner economic and clinical goals.
Network Partners have ongoing access to role-play training videos and scripts for all sales interactions and for Provider recruitment and retention interactions. Training is provided for the initial and follow-up face-to-face sales interactions, with the referral decision making representatives from target communities/facilities. As it relates to healthcare providers, MMHS assists and trains Network Partners how to recruit and retain Providers. This is accomplished through a combination of direct support and ongoing access to training videos and scripts for all provider interactions necessary in the recruitment process. Additionally, MMHS facilitates the Electronic Health Record (EHR) training for Providers. The use of this EHR is required for all Providers for clinical and billing documentation. This EHR is linked to billing for efficient claims submissions, collections and data tracking.
MMHS provides Network Partners with a secure website for business use, structured as a link from the corporate MMHS website. The Network Partner Agreement includes the acquisition of an independent Medicare Group number for billing and collection purposes and assists with the acquisition of an AHCA License.
Additionally, MMHS assists Network Partners with the necessary steps for the relationship development with insurers (including Medicare and third-party private insurers). MMHS facilitates the Network Partner billing relationship with the MMHS preferred billing company. MMHS provides Network Partners with all the necessary legal agreements and forms for day-to-day operations. MMHS includes with its partner agreements, ongoing sales and administrative support. Revenues are driven by a combination of “grass-roots – bottom-up” Network Partner efforts and MMHS Corporate efforts, by developing corporate relationships with the owners of target communities/facilities, thereby, implementing a “top down” National strategy, as well.
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