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There are many advantages for mental health therapists who opt to work with Mindful Mental Health Services.

Mindful Mental Health Services develops relationships with “decision making” representatives and referring clinicians from facilities, allowing for access to residential patients in their facilities. We appropriately market our provider’s services locally and provide other “key” value added services such as state-of-the-art electronic health record, billing, CEUs and clinical support.

  • Patient Referrals

    Mindful Mental Health Services secures patient referrals for its providers by procuring relationships with assisted living facility staff, clinicians and administrators in a variety of settings that recognize the need for client services related to mental health counseling. These relationships are developed through marketing programs that are directed towards the facility administrators, referring clinicians, and families.

  • Electronic Health Record

    For all patients, Mindful Mental Health Services requires that its clinician’s uses Mindful Mental Health Services’ customized EHR. Mindful Mental Health Services’ EHR is an amazingly user friendly! By-products of its use includes; the development of comprehensive medical records, access to standardized patient charting screens, data search capabilities for clinical research, risk management and quality assurance and scheduling. As a result of the comprehensive nature of the EHR, medical liability is minimized. Another unique feature of the EHR is the comprehensive third-party payer compliance features facilitating increases in reimbursement. This is accomplished through an internal tracking and scoring system which in “real-time”, informs the providers as to the level of compliancy for each care visit.
  • Billing

    Billing services are provided in a “one-stop shopping” and extremely user-friendly process. Through its EHR, Mindful Mental Health Services confirms insurance eligibility and secures authorization for reimbursed care. Mindful Mental Health Services has developed a relationship with a billing organization with more than 30 years of experience in the ever-changing mental health sector. Wherever a computer can connect to the internet, providers are then afforded access for submission of clinical information in a convenient and interactive manner with ongoing support services.
  • Insurance Credentialing and Enrollment Services

    Our insurance credentialing services offers our healthcare providers the opportunity to focus their time on patient care and customer service while we handle all the paperwork hassles of enrolling with Medicare and Medicaid as well as other government health plans and Commercial Insurance plans.
  • Clinical Support Services

    Mindful Mental Health Services provides clinical support services for its providers and facility staff members. Clinical support is provided by access to Mindful Mental Health Services’ experienced clinical directors. Facility staff members have unlimited access to Mindful Mental Health Services’ licensed social workers and Psychologists as Mindful Mental Health Services provides clinical information thru in-services and educational activities.
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